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We attribute our success to our talented artisans and staff who provide customers with a great product and customer service. Many of our customers have requested that we post information about our staff on our website. Below you will find photos and descriptions written by our staff. Soon we will have artisan signatures and our Peddler's Village staff listed.

10-14-2015: Want to join our wonderfully talented team as a pottery decorator?  Please visit to complete an application! 


Dave and Faye Eldreth -


When I decided to leave teaching to play in the mud, I never imagined things would have turned out like they did. My wife, Faye, has been with me every step of the way, keeping me on track and helping tremendously. She and I are truly blessed to work with such a great "family" of talented people and we cherish all of the memories we have created over the years.

Dan Watt, our production manager, is an asset to us not only because of his background but because of his dedication and caring nature. Our talented artisans are given the freedom to develop designs. Not only does this make for a wonderful product line, but it also gives staff a sense of ownership in the company. Our sales staff and behind the scenes staff do an excellent job and their attention is reflected in the quality of our product as well.

Faye and I thank our customers, many of whom we’ve known for quite some time, for their kindness and support over the years. You are helping to keep the heritage and quality of American craftsmanship alive.

Diana Eldreth-

    I began working with my family in 2006 after discovering developmental neuroscience was not my cup of tea. Since that time, I have done numerous jobs from shipping to most recently developing a fine jewelry line. I love the limitless possibilities working here presents and I really enjoy working with family. I have known most of the artisans and staff for over 20 years and they are a true pleasure to work with; we are extremely lucky to have them. In addition, I have found that pottery customers are some of the nicest people and we can’t thank them enough for their continued support; we would not be here without them.


Dana Eldreth-

  After earning my Ph.D. and working in the field of research, I decided that I was looking for something different in my life. I always appreciated the staff and the unique aspects of the family business, so I joined the team in July 2012. I’ve been busy using my skills to do marketing research, restructuring of the website and social media. I'm also working closely with dad to continue his annual collections. I've been carving some of the Santas, including the first annual ornament. In addition to all of this, I get the opportunity to work with our pottery customers who are fantasic people.  This change in careers has been very rewarding and exciting, especially because I can work with my family to continue the family business that we deeply care about. 

Dan W. –

I met Dave while giving him a tour of Pfaltzcraft Pottery where I had worked for 14 years. I helped Dave grow Eldreth Pottery in 1987. Ever since, my main purpose is to help make a smooth running and safe environment for our fine employees. While my duties are various, all are enjoyable; the reward of having such beautiful pottery being made has made working here a joy.



Whitney -

  I have been here, officially anyway, since 2006. Diana and I have worked together a great deal on improving the customer experience at Eldreth Pottery (i.e. Open House Raffles and Informational Catalogs). We have been focusing on the use of computers to keep accurate customer information including invoice history. We have also set up more efficient way to keep in touch with our customers through e-mail lists, our website, and social media.

Alesia -

   When I graduated from Tyler School of Art with a degree in metalsmithing, I never imagined I’d be working with clay. Nearly two years ago I heard that Eldreth Pottery was making jewelry so I decided to check it out. One of the staff recognized me and introduced me to Diana and Dave. I enjoy being a part of the design and development of the jewelry line.

Alice -

  I started working at Eldreth Pottery when my last child went to school. I have been here for over twenty years. I have always worked with molds, pouring the castings for Eldreth Pottery. My husband Glenn and I have three children and seven grandchildren.

Anne -

 A self-taught artist, Anne, has painted with oils, watercolors and mixed media for twenty five years. Anne has been at Eldreth Pottery painting redware, for over ten years. Her designs include the koi, sunflowers on black and daffodils.

Carmen -

  Carmen first began with the company when she met Dave and Faye at a local craft show and applied for a position with Eldreth Pottery. During her career she has been involved in many different roles related to some of our most popular items including finishing pottery and producing our salt-glazed stoneware cast pieces. For the past five years, Carmen has been responsible for painting the majority of our stoneware cast pieces. If you have ordered a stoneware Santa, chances are Carmen painted it!

Connie -

  For the past nineteen years it’s truly been a pleasure to work for Dave and Faye and in the last several years with Diana and Whitney. They all make you feel at home. It’s been nice getting to know customers that come into the store regularly. Thanks for continuing to make this a great work experience. ~Connie

Chris -

  God has blessed me for the past twenty years to work for Dave and Faye. It has been a neat experience through the years seeing all different pottery being produced. It has been nice working with Diana and Whitney through the last few years too! Thanks for this wonderful experience, Chris.

Dan F. -

 After graduating from Towson University with a bachelo0rs degree in fine arts, I moved to Cecil County, MD and started turning pots for Eldreth Pottery in 2007. Since then, I married my long time girlfriend and had a beautiful baby girl. In the past four years, Eldreth Pottery has allowed me to grow both technically and creatively while supporting my family doing what I love.

Deb -

 Deb has been here for over 20 years and is responsible for turning redware and supervising the stoneware kiln during the firing.

Jenny - Picture unavailable.
Jenny rejoined the team in 2015.  We're happy to have her back and we like the variety she adds to our designs.


Jo -

 I came to Eldreth Pottery about 27 years ago…Got locked in the basement and I’ve been here ever since…

Jill -

   I’ve been the manager at Eldreth Pottery’s shop in Peddler’s Village since 2008.  I am originally from England, and I’ve been in the United States since my mid twenties.  I enjoy working with customers at Eldreth Pottery.

Karen -

 I have been here at the Pottery since August 1995. I started in the office then I was a stoneware trimmer for a year and a half then I painted stoneware. Then 2004 or so I was trained to paint the redware and have been doing that since. I am married with 2 grown boys- I feel very lucky to have fallen into this job…it’s great

Kat -

   My name is Katarina and my artist’s signature is "Kat". I found Eldreth Pottery through my high school art program. When we took a field trip here I was very interested in the production process. I assembled my portfolio of my art work when I moved to the area, after graduation, with the intention of coming to work for the Eldreth family business. To my excitement I was offered a training position in which I learned the process of decorating the salt glazed pottery. It took lots of determination to advance my artistic skills and learn new techniques in the craft. After only few short months I became a full time employee in May 2007. Around a year later I was offered to become cross trained in painting the red ware pottery as well. Ever since it’s been such a joy working here, being able to create every day, making beautiful handmade pottery that sells worldwide.

Laura -

 I have always collected Eldreth Pottery and after moving back to Lancaster County 8 Years ago I was thrilled to obtain a part time job working in the gift shop of Eldreth Pottery.  Throughout high school I had taken art classes and when my 3 sons were young I spent many hours taking classes in decorative folk art painting.  After working in the Eldreth Pottery gift chop a few months Dave Eldreth offered me a position decorating Salt Glazed Pottery which I did for a few months, finally ending as a redware decorator for the past 6 years. It is a job I thoroughly enjoy, always changing and best of all surrounded by beautiful pieces of art!

Linda – Photo Not Available

I’ve been working with Eldreth Pottery since 2012 at the Strasburg location.  I enjoy working there and helping customers. 

Nancy –

  After 25 years in the banking business, I wanted something less stressful and more fun.  I had started buying Eldreth Pottery from the beginning of this business, came to buy a gift one day, asked if there was an opening, have be3en here 21 yrs. I have done almost every job in the plant.  My favorite job is to help load and unload the kilns.


  I’ve worked for Dave and Faye and the most recent years for Diana and Whitney at the Strasburg Shop. They are great people to work for.   I’ve met lots of nice people over the last 20 years while working there.

Pete -

  I started in 1992. Production Manager Assistant, graduated from Solanco 1991.

Rose -

   I’ve always appreciated the arts, and enjoyed art classes while attending Solanco High School. I then pursued a career in the art field by attending York Academy of Art, now (PCAD) and graduated as a design major.  After college, I did freelance illustration assignments, mainly historical locations in Southern Lancaster County.  In 1988, I responded to an employment ad that Eldreth Pottery posted, and I was hired to decorate stoneware pottery. Since then it has been extremely satisfying to create designs on stoneware and the redware pieces we produce. Seeing the finished pieces come out of the kiln is exciting to me.  A few of my designs include sheep, cats, birds and florals. For me creating new designs makes my job enjoyable.

Tammy -

  I started here in 2007 pouring the Stoneware Annual Santas, since then I have worked on some of the cast jewelry pendants. I am currently responsible for unloading kilns, sorting and shipping orders across the country. I hope you received everything o.k.

Tina -

  I have had the pleasure of painting both the Redware Santas and Ornaments for Eldreth Pottery since 2005. I am glad to be a part of the process brining each piece to life.

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