Diana Eldreth's 2017 Limited Production Santa

Due to the popularity of this Santa, all 100 have been sold out and are no longer available.

Eldreth Pottery's Final Limited Production Santa by Diana Eldreth
The 2017 Limited Production Santa is an original carving of mine and one of my favorites.  My goal was to create a jolly Santa holding an Eldreth Pottery redware jug.  I felt the jug was important because this is the final year the Limited Production Santa will be produced.  In keeping with our one-of-a-kind tradition, each Santa will be decorated differently.  This Santa is roughly 12" tall.  Only 100 of these Santas will be produced and each Santa will be numbered, dated and signed.  Once we've finished producing these, the mold will be destroyed.
I hope you enjoy this very last Santa of mine.  There are a total of six Santas in the collection (years 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017).  I did not create a Limited Production Santa in 2012, but a number of customers requested that I continue the Limited Production Santas and so I did.
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