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Wisps of newly fallen snow have this Salt-glazed Collection bundled by with joy and warm wishes ready for the season ahead! Details and prices as shown, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

A: R193 w/wreath: 8" high, $20.00
B: R194 Snow woman: 8" high, $20.00
C: R198 w/broom: 8" high, $20.00
D: R199 2001 Snowman: 8" high, $20.00
E: Tall & Skinny: 9" high, $18.00
F: Welcome: 8" high, $25.00
G: Ornament w/broom: 3" high, $8.00
H: Snow Birds: 6" high, $25.00
I: Ornament w/shovel: 3" high, $8.00
J: R192 w/top hat: 8" high, $20.00

R700   8 1/2"  high

R707    7" high

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