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Hand-made, Hand-decorated

From Lancaster County's
Amish Country

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              Here is a list of the items we have featured earlier, which are currently still available::

Item Name

Item Number


Date Featured

Christmas Trees SF38 Redware December, 2003
Mix 'N Match  SF37 Stoneware & Redware November, 2003
Mix 'N Match Pumpkins SF36 Stoneware & Redware October, 2003
Blackbird Collection SF34 Redware August, 2003
House Plate SF29 Redware 12/01/02
2002 Collector's Series SF28 Redware & Stoneware 11/01/02
Mix N Match SF27 Redware &Stoneware 10/01/02
Mix N Match SF26 Redware & Stoneware 9/01/02
Mix N Match SF25 Redware & Stoneware 8/01/02
Mix N Match SF23 Redware & Stoneware 6/01/02
Red Roosters SF22 Redware 5/01/02
Mix N Match SF21 Redware & Stoneware 4/01/02
Mix N Match SF20 Redware & Stoneware 3/01/02
Redware Hares SF19 Redware 2/01/02
Fall Designs SF17 Redware and Stoneware 9/1/01
Wren Houses SF16 Stoneware and Redware 7/1/01
Soup Bowls and Cups SF14 Stoneware 2/1/01
Angels SF13 Stoneware 12/1/00
Autumn Designs SF11 Redware 10/1/00
Fruit Wreath SF10 Redware 9/1/00
Uncle Sam Collection SF8 Stoneware 6/1/00
Redware Rabbit Collection SF7 Redware 3/1/00
Candle Pots SF6 Stoneware 12/1/99
Grape Design SF5 Redware 10/15/99
Redware Lamps SF4 Redware 8/12/99
Stoneware Lamps SF3 Hand-turned stoneware 7/05/99
Stars and Stripes SF2 Redware 5/30/99
Canister Set SF1 Salt-glazed stoneware (Light House Pattern) 5/10/99


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